We are accredited with Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to conduct surveys on Domestic Commercial Vessels (DCV). We are qualified to inspect your vessel for compliance under the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). 

A Periodic Survey requires an annual or bi-annual inspection to be completed by test and verification method to ensure that the vessel is relevant to its  class and is fit for the service for which the vessel is intended.

The periodic survey ensures check are made on  all relevant certificates, record books, operating manuals, instructions and documentation specified are in order. on board the vessel and are valid. 

Please call 0481 534 079


 Pre-Purchase surveys ensure you’re the vessel is inspected  and verify for condition.   We specialise in motor yachts, sailing vessels and power vessels.  

To complete a Pre-Purchase inspection we require the vessel in and out of the water. The  inspection includes (but is not limited to) machinery, and drive equipment including propeller and shaft , steering gear, electrical systems, pumping arrangements, communication equipment, fire protection, and life saving appliances.  

A  detailed written  report (including photos where required) identifying the overall integrity of the vessel will be sent to you.    

insurance and valuation (CSV)

An Insurance inspection is usually instigated by the vessel’s insurance company.   It is often a requirement that the vessel be inspected with a CSV. Some insurance companies require out of water survey; other insurance companies  are looking for the rig to be surveyed; whilst others are content with in water reports. Please check with your insurance company if they have any special requirements. The survey includes a written report and photos where deemed necessary.