What is an Australian builders plate

An Australian builders Plate is plate permanently fixed to the vessel and displays information in accordance with the requirements of a particular Standard. A competent person is able to determine the status on a builders plate.

BIA Boating industry standard for more information click link below or email us

What is Basic Floatation

A Floatation system that will keep a boat carring its maxium load from sinking when swamped Occupants will be clinging to the boat floating at any attitude . it is a requirment by law that all small vessels are to be proided with Basic or Level Floatation. Level Floatation is prefered.

BoatSurveys & Consultants can determine information required

Boat Surveys have acquired the qualification experience Knowledge to competently determine and approve information on a builders plate .
Determine correct Hp Horse power engine/s for the vessels
Determine the correct load the vessel can carry
including determining correct number of persons
determine quantity and type of floatation required for level floatation .


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